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Keynote speakers-Brain disorders 2018

Brain disorders 2018 invites all the delegates, students and Speakers from the worldwide to attend the Conference with our World expert Keynote Speaker.

By our world expert keynote speaker all the attends from the various part of the world will be benefited especially the student.

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Dr.Michel Dib  is Neurologist, at the Hospital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière he was also CNS Medical Director in Aventis France.

Author of around ninety scientific publications (ALS, dementia, migraine, etc)

Dr.Mariya were the Lead of Perinatal Brain Repair Group,  Dept of Maternal and Fetal Medicine,  Institute for Women’s Health,  UCL, UK.

 Dr.Laxman Jonwal has 29 years Clinical Experience since 1988, his 28 years Research in management of Multiple Chronic Degenerative Disorders, NCDs, MODS, Lifestyle Diseases;he worked as Senior Registrar in Medicine Department, Podar Government Medical College ( Ayurvedic), Mumbai, India more t…

Evolving treatment strategies for TBI management

Over the past 30 years there has been a significant reduction in mortality following severe TBI together with improved outcome. This has been largely due to the use of evidence-based protocols emphasizing the correction of parameters implicated in secondary brain injury. The main parameters are cerebral blood flow, cerebral oxygenation and management of co-morbidities. Neuroinflammation is a well-established secondary injury mechanism following TBI.

Inspired by success in Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, stem cell based therapy is believed to provide biobridges, can stabilize blood-brain barrier, reduce the oxidative stress and provide immunomodulation and neuroprotection. Hyperbaric oxygen may alleviate secondary insult in TBI through the modulation of the inflammatory response. Animal studies showed that hyperbaric oxygen improves neuroplasticity, reduce the inflammatory markers and neuronal apoptosis following TBI.

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Workshop on Managing emotions, mental illness and remedial measures

Research found the once in four people in this world where affected by by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives.   Mental  illness  can be  described as inability to manage the disturbances in thought and behavior pattern. It  may lead to depression,  dementia,  anxiety disorders  and  many other  complex  disorders.   •Social Withdrawal •Sadness •Confused  thinking •Irritability •Anxiety     •Strong feelings  •Strange thoughts •Drug use •Excessive Aggression etc...
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